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Your next big move could have tax implications you're not even aware of. Planning for 1031 Exchanges, capital gains tax, debt relief and other tax savings opportunities.

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Are you current with your tax filings? We can help you prepare and file, current and delinquent tax returns for IRS and State agencies.

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Do you have a wage garnishment or bank levy? Tax lien affecting your credit or real estate transaction? Audit nightmares? We can help!

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Christopher R. Jacquez, EA, Realtor | Solving Tax and Real Estate Problems

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Christopher R. Jacquez, owner of eTax Relief, is an Enrolled Agent licensed by the United States Department of Treasury to represent Taxpayer's before the IRS. With more than seventeen years of experience in tax controversy, preparation & planning, he is a seasoned and well rounded leader in his field. At the time of it's issuance, Christopher was one of the youngest individuals to ever obtain an Enrolled Agent's license, from the U.S. Department of Treasury. The license was issued, only issued after passing a rigorous four part examination, that requires extensive knowledge and/or experience to pass. If you are experiencing problems related to a wage garnishment, back taxes, a bank levy or worse, Christopher can provide the friendly and guiding hand, needed to bring your problems to resolution.

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Christopher is also a licensed CA Realtor. He first obtained his Real Estate license in 2003 and has since gained extensive experience with short-sale transactions, like-kind (Sec. 1031) exchanges and effectively removing or subordinating tax liens attached to real property. He offers traditional buyer and seller representation, as well as assistance with tax planning for real property scenarios. He also participates as a guest speaker at various seminars and events with respect to the tax consequences and compliance issues, surrounding real property transactions.

Christopher R. Jacquez. Fremont CA Tax Accountant offering IRS help.


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Looking for IRS help? Remember these helpful hints for choosing a Tax Resolution Company

Before hiring anyone, find out the credentials of the person(s) you are working with. Only Attorneys, CPAs and Enrolled Agents can represent taxpayers before the IRS in all matters, including matters regarding audits, collections and appeals. Other tax return preparers may only represent taxpayers for audits of returns they have actually prepared.


This can be a dirty and cut throat industry. Be on the lookout, and avoid the "Tax Resolution Scam". You need to be very careful with whom you select to represent you. There are many tax resolution companies out there that are nothing short of complete scams. This is especially true, for some of the larger firms you see with mass media advertising. Many of these firms will take your money and never lift a finger when it comes to actually working your case. Fall prey to this scam and you will end up paying a lot of money to a company, who does nothing for you and actually leaves you worse off than you were when you came to them.


Beware the Eager and Unknowledgeable Salesperson. Good IRS help is not easy to come by and their is no one-size fits all solution. No one should be selling you on any kind of resolution plan without first analyzing your compliance status, the amount and validity of the debt and your ability to pay the tax debt. If the person you are speaking with seems more interested in obtaining your credit card or bank account information, than they are in answering your questions and outlining a real solution for your case, your probably better off refraining from hiring their company. An actual honest and knowledgeable agent will examine, analyze, and evaluate the facts of your case, then come up with a viable solution that will really solve your problem. A good tax relief professional will frankly advise you if your case is without merit and will prevent any other unnecessary costs and expense on your part.


Make sure that you speak only with a professional that specializes in tax representation and collection issues. This is a highly specialized area of taxation. A simple salesperson is not going to be able to provide you with the solution you need. They will either end up selling you a service that does not work for your case at all, or will promise you the moon but will not be able to deliver the desired results.


Beware the "Pennies on The Dollar" IRS Offer in Compromise Ads. There are ninety-nine cents before you hit one dollar! Marketing and sales departments would have you believe that many more taxpayer's will qualify for an IRS Offer in Compromise than those that actually do. You will quickly realize from simply making a few phone calls, that there are many companies who will only have you talk to a salesperson upfront (ie....the costly free consultation). This salesperson, will try to sell anybody a so called "pennies on the dollar" Offer in Compromise or a penalty abatement for which you may not even qualify. Don't fall for it! Speak with someone who is qualified and experienced before deciding to hire a specific representation company.


Remember, contracts are legally binding documents. Do not sign any agreement or spend any of your hard earned money until you have spoken with a real professional, who is experienced in tax representation and can answer TOUGH questions. Choose the wrong tax relief firm and you may be held liable for payment for services not rendered or for services that do not provide a solution to your problem.


Look for a warm and sincere guiding hand, who is not afraid to protect your rights and interests. You will be working on personal and stressful financial matters. It is very important that you feel comfortable with whomever it is you decide to hire.